An Adventure With My Best Friend

St.Vincent's Primary School, Cork. 3rd class Fighting Words Cork, 24 November 2020 

One day there was a llama in a forest and she was all alone.

Then a panda came along and said, ‘Do you want to be my friend?’

Then the llama said, ‘No, because I already have a best friend.’

The panda got really upset but the best friend came over and said, ‘You can be my best friend too.’

They all got together and said, ‘We want to go on an adventure!’

So they packed their things away in a tree trunk and they said they were ready. So they set off to the horizon in the Atlantic.

Then the panda said, ‘Why is the llama wearing pyjamas?’

The llama replied, ‘Because pyjamas are very comfy.’

They started to see lots of llamas and then all became friends.

The llama was walking on ice.

They see an ice rink and a load of llamas skating on it.

Then suddenly the ice breaks.

Then the llama fell into the water and her pyjamas got all wet!

Emmy the llama got shocked that she got wet.

Her best friend, Lizzy the panda, came over and helped her with her other best friend to get out of the water.

The friend said, ‘We can go to the jungle and get you warm….’