The 24hr Trial

St Patricks, 4-6th Class, County Wicklow, 6th April 2017

There once was a Kangamoose called cushion.  His best mate was Harold the pig. 

He lived in the land of the Mookangas and always wished he could be a Mookanga too. 

His destiny was to become a Mookanga, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. But it’s taking ages. 

He didn’t know he had to do a trial – he needed to spend 24hrs in a special cushion: the legendary Mookanga cushion.  But I’m sorry to say that he was scared of cushions!  

One night Harold came over for a sleepover and watched horror movies about cushions.  

Cushion said to Harold “Harold, I’ve always wanted to be a Mookanga but I don’t know how to become one.”

Harold replied: “What’s a Mookanga?” 

“But you live in a world of Mookangas!” Cushion said. “How do you not know who they are??”

“Look: I have the top half of a kangaroo and the bottom half of a moose” Cushion explained, “and I want this inverted!” 

Harold the pig said “Why don’t we go onto ’Moogle’ and search how to become a Mookanga, then?” 

On Moogle they found out the terrible truth about the trial by cushion.  He was going to have to face his fears...