St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 7th September 2012
 “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Not another bull nightmare!” Billy Jack the cowboy elf was afraid of bulls.

He even had weekly visits with a bull specialist, who happens to be Santa. While in Santa’s waiting room, Billy Jack met his best friend, Blubber the penguin. Blubber had a vegetable phobia.

Reading through Cowboy Monthly in the waiting room, Blubber read about the North Pole’s Greatest Cowboy Competition.

The competition involved lassoing horses, hand signal pig hurdling, riding, quick draw and...THE BULL EVENT! 

Blubber suggested that Billy Jack enter the competition but he didn’t mention the bull event.

Billy Jack jumped out of his chair and said, “I’ll do it, yee haw!”