100% Random

St. Patrick's NS, Glencullen, 3rd and 4th Classes, 03/03/10
Once upon a time there was a mole who lived in a hole.One day, He raced his ferrari through the woods and some squirrels on pogo sticks started chasing him, which was his greatest fear.

They also had paint ball guns and water bombs.

His best friend, Jimmy the flying bagel flew down to the car and pulled Ashley Mole out of the sun roof and carried him off.

Right then the squirrels had caught up to the car and then hopped on it and scratched it. So then Ashley Mole got very mad and yelled “MY CAR!! HIYA!”.

So Jimmy the flying Bagel dropped him into the middle of the squirrels and he attacked them with his Karate. In the middle of the fight one of them said “Who would like a coffee break?” .

While they were talking Ashley realised he had won the lotto. He decided he didn’t want to fight anymore and he went home.

That night he had a dream of a chocolate pool. When he woke up he knew he wanted to spend his money on chocolate.