​Bob the Turtle

St. Vincent de Paul IS, 1st class, 1st June 2021

Bob the Turtle wanted to have a friend. He was walking around his home and he found a dog.

He asked, “Would you like to be my friend?”

But the dog said, “No.”

Then he went down into the sea and he met a shark. He asked, “Do you want to be my friend?”

But the shark said, “No.”

Then Bob the Turtle went around the village looking for another friend and he found a clown fish. He said, “Do you want to be my friend?”

And the clown fish said, “Yes.”

Bob said to Spike the Clown Fish, “My nightmare is animal cops. What is your fear?”

Spike said, “My worst fear is Snappy the Shark.”

“I need to tell you a secret,” said Bob. “I need to tell you what my dream will be. To go fast on land.”

Then Bob saw Snappy the Shark coming for Spike…