​The Unlucky Artist

St. Eithne’s GNS, 5th Class, 19th May 2021

My name is Alex and I always wanted to be an artist. My best friend is my dog, I know it’s weird, but she has helped me get through a lot of stuff. 

Last year my grandad passed away and Zoe was there for me cuddling on my bed and helping me get through it.

I’m a really introverted person and I’ve always been afraid to stand in front of the class.

Most of my friends don’t know me as well as my friend Jacob does.

I signed up for a new college last week and they said if I got it I’d get a call this week but I’m still waiting for it because it's Monday.

I need to bring in some art with me if I get the place but last Friday I hung up a load of my art in the hall and today my friend’s dog, Taylor, came and ruined it all.

I hung it up a bit too low and Taylor jumped up on the still wet paint. 

I got really upset and ran up to my room to ring Jacob.

I called him and said, “Get over here now!”

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” asked Jacob in a concerned voice. 

“No time to explain!” I shouted and hung up the phone. 

When I was walking down the stairs to send Jacob a picture of the ruined painting, I heard my window smash...