​The Piginator 5000

Bayside Senior School, 6th class, 11th November 2021

Bang! Bang! Bang! Gerry the Bin Man is knocking on Dakota’s front door.

Gerry has come to the door with sausages to make sausy sambos. 

Dakota became friends with Gerry after her dad left for the war.

Dakota opens the door for Gerry, but her pig comes rushing towards him.

The pig sees the sausages in the bag.

The pig rips up the bag and finds the sausages. 

The pig brings the sausages to the turnip patch and buries them.

Luckily, the pig didn’t get all the sausages and Gerry knows how to make two sausy sambos with only two sausages.

Dakota and Gerry are still hungry and they think of cooking the pig...