What In The World?

What In The World?

100 Years Project:
Scoil Mhuire, Shankill, 4th & 5th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 14th December 2022

Quagmar the alien footballer and Jeff the bird footballer were flying really fast towards the goal. In the next second, Quagmar got fouled by Jeff and it was a penalty.

Quagmar could see that Jeff was very nervous but he was feeling anxious himself.

The commentators screamed when Timmy the Husky scored the winning the goal. To celebrate, Quagmar’s team jumped around with glee.

Suddenly, the football pitch with everyone in it unexpectedly zapped into space.

“We need to fix this!” said Timmy.

“How?” asked Quagmar.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” replied Timmy. “Stay until the end, and see what happens.”

Little did they know, there was only one space suit left in the entire stadium. Timmy and Quagmar raced towards it but Jeff was the one who got there first.

But then out of nowhere, a spaceship captured everyone in the stadium.

What In The World?

The spaceship was being controlled by the biggest villain in the universe, including all the galaxies and milky-ways. Her name was Waffles the Cat.

When Quagmar and Timmy boarded the spaceship, Waffles immediately started a fight with Timmy.

Meanwhile, Quagmar had always wanted to be a pilot, so he took his chance and tried to take over the ship.

He finally gained some control but crash landed onto a football pitch on his planet.

Quagmar was petrified because he was banished from his planet, no one liked him there.

The only alien who liked him was his brother, Peter.

The ship crash did not stop the fight between Waffles and Timmy. In fact, Waffles had backup. Jeff was on Waffles’ side, and Quagmar and Peter were on Timmy’s side.

They set up goals on either side and got into their positions…