The Story of Ozzy & Joe

The Story of Ozzy & Joe

Fighting Words Outreach, Chanel College Coolock, Junior Cert Support Programme, 12th May 2023

Junior Cert students from Chanel College, Coolock came to Fighting Words, Dublin and created a two scenes for a TV screenplay.


Ozzy: 43 y.o., garda, locked up for 5 years, the only one who got caught

Joe: 50 y.o., Somalian gangster, pirate in drug traffic,

Scene One

Dubai, Irish quarter. Johnstone prison. 2013. Ozzy is coming out of the gates of the prison.

Ozzy (to himself with a relief)

Oh, heavy five years!

Joe pulls up in a blacked-out G-wagon. Rolls down the window.


Remember me?


Why are you here? Our deal ended years ago.


I need the money you owe me.


Have they not paid you back, ha?




I told my mates to pay it.


Well, they didn’t, and I need the money quick.


Give me a few weeks to sort it out.


There will be consequences if you don’t pay it back in a month.

Joe throws a note with his number on it, rolls up the window and speeds off.

Scene Two.

At the back of the South side casino, Irish quarter, Dubai.

Ozzy (furiously)

I need the f*cking money!

Gang member 1

What are you talking about?


5 years, Joe, remember? I took the rap, you were supposed to pay the money back.

Gang member 2

I have no clue who Joe is.


I never got my cut and neither had Joe… for the bank robbery five years ago.

Gang member 3

There is a job coming up


What job and when?

Gang member 3

In five weeks


It needs to be sooner. Joe needs his money in four weeks.

Gang member 4

We don’t have your money. Get out of here fast!

Ozzy lights a cigar, slowly turns around and walks out. Two of the gang members follow him.

Scene Three…

What happens next in the Irish Quarter, Dubai. . . . . . action, weapons, bank robbery, gold???