The Story of the Great JJ

The Story of the Great JJ

100 Years Project:
St. Fiachra's Senior National School 6th Class 20th October 2022

Once in a very dark and gloomy farm, cowgirl Jamima Jenkins senior was sitting in her kitchen having a cup of tea.

The year was 1801 and her house got robbed by a gang called The Bandits.

In LA at the time it was cold and dark and she was terrified and freezing. As they were robbing her she turned around and said:

“Jimmy!” It turned out that Jimmy, the man from the market place was really a bandit.

The Story of the Great JJ
Onion dealer

One of Jimmy’s friends jumped through the window and rugby tackled him.

Next Karl senior showed up to give her her daily onions. When he walked in he was shocked to see Jamima on the ground crying. In the end, it turned out the robbers had got the wrong house.

Many years later, Jamima Jr was on her way to church when she saw Karl Jr and she said:

“Karl what are you doing here?”

Karl Jr said:

“I’m on my way to give your mam her daily onions.”

Jamima Jr said:

“What do you mean, my mam has been dead for 10 years? Her boba tea was too cold and she died.”

The Story of the Great JJ

Karl said:

“Then who have I been giving onions to everyday of the week? No wonder there is a horrible smell coming from the house, I don’t think she has collected her onions in a while.

Well say hi to Jimmy in the church for me. How a man can go from being a bandit to a preist is beyond me!”

On their way to the church they saw a gang of bandits going to the church with guns in their hands.

They saw that the bandits were bowing down to someone. Someone very special...

The Story of the Great JJ