Short Scenes by TY Thomond Community College

Short Scenes by TY Thomond Community College

Fighting Words was lucky enough to collaborate with Conor from Fresh Film Festival and a group of TY students in Thomond Community College, Limerick. 

During the two hour workshop the group discussed how to create a film script, including information on treatments, loglines, outlines and some

fantastic improvisations that lead to really wonderful dialogue. The scenes below are the product of a short writing exercise assigned during the workshop.

It was an absolute pleasure working alongside this group.

Emma and Lilymai – Killers on the Loose
INT. Shauna’s House – Night

Shauna and Nicole are sitting on Shauna’s couch eating popcorn watching The Notebook.


Shauna, are you ok?

“Shauna is crying across from Nicole”


How are you not crying, this is the saddest film ever.


We’ve seen this film a hundred times, how are you not sick of it.


Ya but it still gets to me

Séan Bowen & Nathan Broderick — Fee, Fi, Fo you got my Harribos

INT. Testco, Sweet Aisle – Night


Jimbo is at one side of the aisle, Frances is at the other side. They both walk down the aisle and lock eyes on a box of harribos. Jimbo has no teeth so he speaks very weird.

Jimbo: “You aren’t getting that bag of jellies?”

Frances: “I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

Jimbo: “Yea?”

Jimbo punches Frances in the face. He grabs the bag and attempts to fit the entire bag in his mouth, Frances springs back up, punches Jimbo in the stomach and Jimbo spits out a load of jellies out his mouth. Frances then grabs the bag.

Frances: “They’re mine you peasant fool”

He turns around and finds a segway. He gasps in shock and his teeth falls out, he picks them back up. He then proceeds to bolt off.

Jimbo gets onto his moped/scooter and chases after him.

Jimbo *screams*: “You don’t c’mere I’ll kill your family.”

Jimbo catches up with Frances, they crash into a shelf of deodorant, they both lay on the floor, the bag of jellies between them. They both reach for them and suddenly John Tesco kicks the bag away.

John Tesco: “It’s me John Tesco, I take jellies now goodbye.”

He ascends to Heaven and Jimbo and Frances couldn’t believe it, they settle differences and become friends.


Christopher Garvey – Irish Marriage
John and Jane are a married couple living in County Wexford in Ireland. The couple have been happily married for nine years and are awaiting their tenth anniversary but one night everything changes.

John: Hello my love

Jane: Hello John

John: After breakfast I have leave to do some preparations for our anniversary.

Jane: Okay sweetheart, can you pick up some shopping while you are out?

John: Yes darling. I will be back before 6.

Jane: Okay, it is rainy out today so don’t forget your jacket.

*Jane is completely oblivious to the fact that John has already prepared for their anniversary and has taken up gambling and drinking.*

(John) *exits the home and takes out his phone and proceeds to phone his friends and ask if they can hang out, in which they say yes*

John goes to a local pub with his friends and starts to drink, he then proposes a game of poker. Chips are dealt, as well as cards.

John: Hit me

Morgan: I’ll raise

Peter: I’ll go all in

*John, having a full hand of high cards, sees this as an advantage and then says*

John: I’m raising the stakes. I am betting my car, my house, all of my belongings as well as my wife's anniversary present.

*John has bet his livelihood on a straight flush*

*John shows his had and he gets laughed at by Morgan*

John: What’s so funny, Morgan?

Morgan: I pity you, you poor soul.

*Morgan shows his hand, it’s a royal flush, the disbelief in John’s face is immense*

John: I had spent 33 years earning all I own and I lost it all in a second.

Peter: That sucks

*John walks home and sees Jane standing at the door*

Jane: I know what you did. I just talked to Peter.

John: What do you mean?

Jane: I don’t love you anymore especially after what you did. I’ve been cheating on you with Peter for the past 3 years.

John: I don’t believe this.

*John realises he lost everything he worked hard for all 33 years of his life. In a fit of rage John kills Jane and Peter and gets put in prison where he will remain for the rest of his life*

*Until he sees a chance to escape during a prison riot but the poor dishevelled man that used to be John falls on his shoelace and gets trampled to death.*

But the plot twist is that he hadn’t forgot the groceries in which that shoelace was a part of it.

Jake Hanley — Zombie apocalypse set in viking times

The Berserker
Camera goes into a hut and its starts with zombies eating the carcases of viking warriors húm and Hôistcâ

Camera backs away from a zombie shows someone holding an axe

Then fades to black and a slash can be heard

Cuts to one week earlier

It’s a war between to viking clans

Its zooms in on a character called (be-your-t) eating a viking soldier and they get attacked but byourt has great agility and reaction and slices the stomach open and bites into their face and pulls the nose off

Ben Mcnamara, Jason O’Donoghue – TiTanic 2: Jack’s Revenge

Ext. Pier – Night

Jack, holding an uzi and a knife fritted between his teeth, Rose had been standing behind him wishing him luck.

Jack: Rose I understand your worries but the Titanic has betrayed us. I must have my revenge, my anger lies only on the Titanic, I forgive you.

Rose: Jack, no —

Jack dives in, his uzi already firing his gun at the boat.

Titanic: Jack, we meet again.

The Titanic creeps behind Jack and lunges at Jack from behind.

Jack: Thems be fighting words

Jack throws an uppercut onto the snout of the boat.

Titanic: Jack I’ve gotten stronger since we last spoke.

Jack: I didn’t think I’d need to do this, but you leave me no choice.

Jack’s hands turn white as ice shoots from them, knocking the Titanic over wounding it

Titanic: No! I’m too weak.

Jack: finally I will end you, I didn’t want it to end like this when I won that ticket

Titanic: Neither did I…

The Titanic takes out an AK15 and shoots Jack in the head, killing him.

Titanic: Time to show a real boat.

Fade to black as on final gunshot, not knowing if it’s from Jack or the Titanic.

Fade in – pier – night

Rose stands on the pier holding an uzi, having kicked the Titanic, revealing the gunshot was from her.

Director: Jason O’Donoghue
Writers: Jason O’Donoghue, Ben Mcnamara
Jack: Ben Mcnamara
Titanic: Jason O’Donoghue
Rose: Ludwig Smalis

Vladyslav Nedvyha
INT. bar – night

Guy: Did you know that there are more people with genius IQ’s in China?

Girl: That can’t be true

Guy: But, it is true

Girl: What is it about?

Guy: I was just making conversation.

For a while, they fell silent.

Guy: So, where do you work?

Girl: I work in a flea market, at the same time I study to be an artist.

Guy: Really? What’s it like?

Girl: I’d say good, but it’s not enough. I want to become an outstanding artist at the level of Van Gogh.

Guy: It’s cool

Girl: Yeah! And, what about you?

Guy: I study in Harvard. I want to be a programmer.

They sweetly speaking with each other. They decided to take a walk. They had a great time.

Séan Garvey and Alex Dunphy – Oh God, don’t get smart

Scene: room 32 in school

Characters: Jim Rob, DeeJay, Alex, Nathaniel, Samantha, Billy Bob Joe, Meg, Caylum

(Enter Alex)

Alex: Aww miss, I’m sorry I’m late to class.

Meg: It’s okay Alex take a seat.

Samantha, to Caylum: Oh god he not step near me I’ll snap

(Alex sits beside Samantha)

Samantha: Ew you rake get away from me.

Alex: What’re you saying you swell headed fool I’ll swing you.

Caylum: Don’t be threatening her at all you dirty eedjit because I’ll boot you black and blue

Alex: Don’t make me angry.

Samantha: Or what I’ll rip you by the roots

Alex: You won’t like me when I’m angry.

(Alex becomes Billy Bob Joe)

Billy Bob Joe: Fear me!

Samantha: I’m not scared of you at all you dope

Billy Bob Joe: you live in council estate what’re you saying

Samantha: and your nana lives in Linden Village Cove, what’re you saying

(Billy Bob Joe hits Samantha into the face and she goes through the wall)

Caylum: Please don’t hurt me I was just joking

(Billy Bob Joe throws him through the window)

Meg: Alex! Sit down now!

Billy Bob Joe: Shut up Meg hehehehe

(hits Meg)

Meg: Ahh!

Nathaniel: the class is a mess, what happened I was on my phone

Jim Rob: Me too

Billy Bob Joe: Dunk Smash

(Billy Bob Joe kills Nathaniel and Jim Rob)

He turns to find his nemesis, Joe behind him

Joe: Good work Alex

Alex: What do you want?

Joe: A fight to prove how manly you are

Alex: Bring it on

(Joe transforms into his super form DeeJay)

DeeJay: You fool!

Alex: Aww man that’s cheating, you’re getting somme batin

DeeJay: Come on then

(Alex becomes Billy Bob Joe again)

(Billy Bob Joe hits DeeJay)

Billy Bob Joe: You’re weak

DeeJay: You’re weaker

(Billy Bob Joe gets telekinetically thrown into a silo tank and drowns)

(DeeJay hangs him up by the shorts on his front gate)

(Billy Bob Joe opens his eyes)

The End

Genre: Action, comedy, fighting
TJ Power and Hazel Chappell — The Celtic Tiger and its effects on talk show hosts

INT. set of the late late show — night

Pat Kenny is sat with Toto Skulachy, Pat is very respectful to Skulachy, as he hasn’t seen the match. (He was being served champagne in Westmeath by a young Ryan Tubridy).

Enter Gay Byrne, tipsy off privilege wearing a full Irish Kit, the shorts are on backwards, he’s wearing dress shoes. He’s being carried by Paul McGrath.

Gay Byrne: Pat, you amadán, why have you got this eye-talian on my legacy.

Pat: Mr. Byrne, you are no longer the host of this esteemed show and as such hold no power here.

Gay Byrne swings a punch at Pat Kenny, misses wildly and falls to the ground

Cut to black

EXT – RTE studio, derelict (it’s the recession) – Day

Ryan Tubridy wakes up in the RTE studio,

Ryan: “It was a dream after all”

He stands up with a suspicious white bag stuck to the back of his suit pants. He starts toward the studio

Credits roll — Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds plays