A Shooting at the Sweetshop

Sweetshop Owner

100 Years Project:
Ennistymon Vocational School Transition Years 31 January 2022

Civil War is raging in Ennistymon, County Clare and the fields are empty underneath a low grey sky. Michael, a local youth, with messy tufty hair, is never seen without his dog by his side. He always goes to the same shop, where he sometimes meets his friends. One of Michael’s friends Brenda works in the sweet shop which is owned by her family. 

She is very small, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an average size nose. Brenda is married to Peter and they have a young family including Joey and George the twins. On Wednesday afternoon Michael rushes into the shop, there is fierce noise outside of bombs going off underneath the smoky sky. Michael’s dog is shaking with fear, from all the noise.

“Well what’s the story, the bombing is dreadful out there, I will have my usual bulls eyes,” Michael says.

“Is there anybody hurt?” Brenda asks.

Michael replies, “they are all dead now, such sad news, and such a lovely family.”

“Oh God please save us from this terrible war, keep our families and friends safe,” moans Brenda.

“How is Peter? Are the childers safe?” asks Michael.

“They are ok,” replies Brenda but young Joey has caught some sort of a flu. The doctor is coming this evening.”

Michael pays for his sweets. Brenda rattles the old table to give Michael back his change from the drawer.

“Jeez that’s so little,” Michael replies in an exasperated tone.

He looks totally exhausted and worries for his family. They notice the noise has stopped outside in the street. Some of the locals are locked away in fear. Then suddenly an awful noise, a gunshot, cracks the dusty window. Michael and Brenda run and hide under the table. The gunshot hits a jar, the glass shatters and hits Michael in the face and Brenda in the arm.

Brenda screams in terror: “Oh Michael are you ok?”

Without warning a black and tan soldier crashes through the door and fires and Michael has been shot again, this time in the arm. The soldier backs onto the street and Brenda runs out from behind the counter to try and drag Michael away from the danger…