Rick and the Secret Things In The Time Capsule

Rick and the Secret Things In The Time Capsule

100 Years Project:
Fighting Words Wicklow Scoil Cholmcille Senior National School, Ballybrack, Dublin. 3rd Class, 11th May 2023

Once upon a time, there was a rich kid called Rick who lived in a nice house, and people only wanted to be their friend for their money, though Rick had a best friend called Alex who was trans, just like Rick.

Rick had a pet hedgehog called Bob who was hungry. Rick didn’t like Bob so they didn’t feed him. Bob ran away to be a chocolate truffle.

At school, the teacher said “alright class, we’re gonna make a time capsule. Pick a partner.”

Rick picked Alex.

When the lesson was over Rick saw a poster for a party that was going to happen next week. Rick put their name down to attend.

On the invitation for the party, it said ‘Please bring a time capsule with you that has 4 things in it.’

Rick thought, “that’s lucky because we are making one already.”

Rick and Alex go home together to Rick’s house to find things to put in the time capsule.

They put in flint, a teddy bear, a glass bottle of water, and a bracelet made of stone, sticks, and rope. What Rick didn’t tell Alex, however, is that they snuck in 5 gold bars.

And, what Alex didn’t tell Rick is that the fine print on the invitation said ‘you must also bring a hedgehog’…