The Missing Last Soul

The Missing Last Soul

A play by Turas Group, St. Michael's House, Rathmines, Dublin 05th April 2023


Mary, 20, Mean but loves animals, ugly and cheeky.

Skull Killer, 36/22/Unknown Age, Red Scarf over their face, they have their origins.

Setting Skull Island has its history. The year is 2081. Set in the future.

Scene One

Mary: (Knocks on the door) Hello.

Skull Killer: Get off my lawn. 

Mary: Where’s my pet?

Skull Killer: It disappeared.

Mary: (Puts her face in her hands and starts crying) I’m upset. It’s my dog. Where is my pet?

Skull Killer: Em??? Sorry Mary, I think it ran out the door or it could be in the back rooms.

Mary: (Getting Frustrated) Oh boy! Oh brother!

Skull Killer: Maybe we can look for Echo Ben Jagger together?

Mary: I love my doggy. Thanks a lot for helping.

End Scene.

Scene Two

The evil lair, in the dark forest.

We hear Skull Killer’s evil satanic laugh: Ooohaawwwhaww hooo!!

Mary: Ooh, there’s the restaurant. I must be hungry.

Skull Killer: There is no way back. Oh, sorry for losing the dog.

Mary: I don’t know what to say.

They go into the restaurant ‘Way Back’ and they have a Big Mac meal.

Skull Killer: Now, we can go and look for him.

Mary: (Opens her hands) Oh god. I think I see the dog.

Skull Killer: Bloody hell!

Mary: Oh Jesus.

Skull Killer: I’ll tell you the truth…

End Scene.

Scene Three

 . . . .  . . .