Lost for Time

Lost for Time

CDETB, Creative Writing Workshop, 12th May 2021

Chapter 1

Ingrid was in a posh bar called Diamonds. The bar was located in the Jewellery Quarter in Covent Garden, London. Ingrid was looking for her next mark. She became interested in a conversation she overheard about a diamond in a safe. She noticed that these businessmen were wealthy. One of them had a very expensive Rolex watch.

Ingrid went to a family member that she could always rely on. She wanted to ask for advice on how to open a Chubb safe.

“I have the very man for ya,” said her ‘brother from another mother’.

“What’s his background, what has he done before?” asked Ingrid.

“He’s the top safe cracker in the underworld,” replied Ingrid’s ‘brother from another mother’.

“Well, how come I have never heard of him?” Ingrid demanded.

“He doesn’t like people to know his real name. He only gives it to high-end people. His nickname is Shadow” mentioned Ingrid’s ‘brother from another mother’.

“I have a plan and I’m going to need a side-kick to help me out next Thursday,” Ingrid whispered. “The Diamond is in the Gallery and Museum of London and it’s very well protected by a strong safe. There are also lasers and we don’t want to set them off. Once we’re in, we will only have five minutes to work.”

“He’s never been locked up so he must be good at what he does,” said Ingrid’s ‘brother from another mother’.

Chapter 2

Ingrid met Shadow for the first time outside of the Museum. At first, she thought he was going to be a James Bond type character, but he turned out to be a small, wiry guy.

“Ingrid, will you open the safe quickly please, you’re the expert here, we only have a few minutes.”

“Right, Shadow now is your moment to shine, hurry up and get this done. The police will be here any second.”

“Well, I presumed you were the expert and that you would have the safe opened in two minutes!”

“Hurry up Shadow, we have one minute and thirty seconds to go… the police will be here soon. We gotta bag up these diamonds, come on, time is ticking.”

“Maybe we should both put our heads together and figure out how to open the safe instead of just arguing.”