Key to a Mystery

100 Years Project:
Ennistymon Vocational School 2nd Years 12 May 2022

Bridget and Paddy are anxiously looking at the dog guarding the house on the hill where the Falls Hotel is today.

In his hand Paddy holds a letter addressed to them both from Henry Vee.

As they read it they discover that Henry has left Ennistymon for reasons unknown.

The letter reads “My house on the hill by the Falls is yours, look after it well but do what you want with it. The key is to be found in a box by the front door, but mind the guard dog.”

How will we ever get the key, Paddy wonders.

Maybe wait until the dog goes to sleep Bridget says.

Key to a Mystery

It is daylight, the birds are singing and the crows are cawing in the background.

The black and brown Rottweiler dog is now running frantically around the house.

Bridget throws a piece of chicken for the dog to eat which he devours hungrily. Very soon, very quickly and very mysteriously he lies down quietly and falls asleep.

“We should lock up the dog before he wakes, we’ll put him in the pen where the chickens used to be” says Paddy.

Bridget is opening the brown rusty dusty box, it squeaks as they open it, they see a shiny small gold key.

They think this is the front door key for the big brown/red double doors of the house.

Key to a Mystery

“Ok let’s get into the house” says Paddy.

“Just take it slowly,” Bridget replies.

“Put the key in the keyhole, turn it Bridget” Paddy says, looking around nervously.

 “I can’t, it’s too rusty,” Bridget frustratedly replies. “How will we get in, is there a back door?”

They run to the back of the house and find a small brown door.

Paddy says, “Try the key again”.

Slowly the lock gives way and they open the creaking door.

Paddy goes in first, very quietly.

“It’s SO dark, we need to find a candle to light” Bridget whispers.

“There might be a candle and matches, check the kitchen first” Paddy replies.

Paddy can only see pots and pans, doors and cupboards.

Bridget checks the sitting room which is very dusty.

“Here’s a candle holder” Paddy shouts.

He lights the stub of a candle and they see a big old dusty closet in front of them.

“Uuuggh, what’s that rotten smell” they gulp!

Open the closet door,” Bridget says.

Paddy opens the closet door slowly.

He gasps.

A head is hanging from the rail...