John Pork’s Adventure

John Pork’s Adventure

100 Years Project:
Glasnevin National School, 5th and 6th Class, 11th May 2023

My name is Joe and I have a friend called John Pork.

Joe says: “I really want to have John Pork’s voice because it sounds really cool.”

The year is 1945.

Joe is aware of a treasure that was buried by the founder of the town. They are messing around in the back garden digging a hole to bury John Pork and they hit a metal box. Inside the box they find a clue to the treasure.

They find a picture of the living room inside Joe’s house, so they go to search inside the living room.

When they go to the room they search around. They find a picture of a field in Japan saying Tokyo is 200km away.

They are in Nagasaki. They walk into the field and they hear sirens overhead…