The Girl Who Wore Trousers

The Girl Who Wore Trousers

100 Years Project:
St. Columba’s National School Iona Road, Dublin 9, 4th Class, 19 May 2022

One hundred years ago, Charlotte Robin was at school. It was nearly time to go home. Charlotte Robin felt really happy it was home time and it was Friday.

Charlotte Robin was wearing her school uniform which she despised. It was itchy and uncomfortable. Her wish was the freedom to wear whatever she wanted.

Charlotte Robin was daydreaming about the clothes she wanted to make when the bell rang. Her class had been learning about sewing for the past two weeks. She was dreaming about shorts and trousers and tracksuits.

The Girl Who Wore Trousers

In her daydream, Charlotte Robin had pricked her finger with a needle. So when the bell rang she snapped out of her daydream.

Charlotte Robin met her best friend Katie at the school gate to walk home. They had had a fight on Monday and hadn’t spoken since and Charlotte Robin was feeling guilty and a bit nervous.

“Hi,” said Katie, nervously.

“Hi,” said Charlotte Robin,stiffly. “How was your day?”

“So I know you’re going on a holiday with your family tomorrow for your birthday,” said Katie.

“Including my annoying brother, Colm,” Charlotte Robin added. She noticed that Katie had a brown paper package under her arm. “What’s that?” she asked.

“Oh,” said Katie. “It’s a little something I’d like to give to you. An early birthday present.”

Katie slightly shoved the package into Charlotte Robin’s hands awkwardly.

Charlotte Robin gently tore it open to reveal a...