Errigal College Parent’s DL Read Club 27 April 2023

This story was written by parents from the DL Read Club at Errigal College.  A Story by: Bevin, Richard, Laura, Karina, Catherine, Elina, Maria, Joanne and Margaret.

Chapter One

Becky was sitting at her kitchen table,

having a cup of tea listening to her favorite morning time radio show. She is waiting to hear if her name is called out for opera tickets. Her husband always said he would take her to Puccini on their 50th wedding anniversary. The radio broadcaster, John Vega, announced that they were going to call the winner of the opera tickets. Becky stares at her phone, willing it to ring.  

She hears the ringing on the radio and realises it’s not her phone. Her disappointment was short-lived when she heard her best friend Breda’s voice.  

John Vega asks the question, “In what year did Puccini start to write the opera Turandot?

Becky screamed out “Yes!!!!” Knowing that all of her knowledge of opera would have rubbed off on her best-friend.  Remembering back to when she had encouraged Breda to learn a violin piece from that opera.    

Chapter Two

Breda and Becky met at their weekly meet up in Costa. Becky entered waving her hands in excitement.  

“So I heard on radio you won tickets to Turandot.”

After a long pause, Breda lowers her head into her hands, and then finally says,

“I know it’s amazing but…. I’m not planning on taking you with me”.

“I’m so upset”, said Becky.

Becky was confused and she felt hurt. In her imagination she already had her night arranged with a nice dress, and the way her hair would be done.  

“I’m definitely upset!”

Pause… Breda knew she would hurt Becky’s feelings but she had her mind made up.

“I’m sorry but I’m still not taking you.”

“Who are you taking?”

“I’m taking my other best friend.”

“I feel like I’m not the best friend anymore.”

“I’ve been with Jim for a while now and I feel we are getting pretty close and I want to take him to the opera”.

“That’s a dagger in the back!”, Said Becky. As she stood up to walk off she said, “Well I guess I’m not as good a friend as I thought I was.”

Breda picked up her cup of coffee and said, “Ah  well . . .” and took a sip of her coffee with a wee cheeky smile on her face.