The Amazing Feet

The 100 Years Project:

St Catherine’s Senior National School, Cabra, Dublin 7, 4th Class, 26 May 2022

The Amazing Feet

Hope was walking on a treadmill on her hands, playing the violin with her feet. Shaniqua the horse came into the gym and started running on the treadmill beside her.

Then some “randomer” came in and asked, “Do you like my hair?”

Her hairstyle was a big birthday cake that said “Happy birthday, Shaniqua!”

“How do you know my horse? And how do you know me?” Hope asked.

That was when Shaniqua bit the top off the randomer’s – Bobtina -  Bobtina’s, hairstyle.

The Amazing Feet 2

Meanwhile, Baboushka, the 99-year-old woman, was doing push ups when she collapsed on to the treadmill. Baboushka woke up when the treadmill was switched on and she flew off! Baboushka banged her head on the wall.

Shaniqua then ripped Bobtina’s hairstyle off. It turned out she was a clown in disguise!

She wanted people to join the circus with her. . .