The Adventures of Charlie the Castle

The Adventures of Charlie the Castle

Child In the City 06 October 2022

A long time ago, Charlie the Castle, in a country far away from everyone, was opening her eyes in the morning.

Suddenly, a little bird appeared, knocking on the window.

She has brought some fruit for Charlie. ‘Good morning, did you have a good sleep tonight?’ said Susie. ‘What was your dream?’, she said as she spread her wings, ‘have you decided where to go today?’

‘I have not decided yet, I have some selections, but I have to brush my teeth,’ said Charlie.

‘Let me tell you, where I have been, while you brush your teeth.’ Said Susie.

‘Ok’, said Charlie.

‘I just went to the forest this morning and there is a huge waterfall that is beautiful,’ Said Susie.

Suddenly there was a tremor, the ground started trembling and there was a terrible noise…