William Bon Gone

William Bon Gone

Fighting Words KildareSt. Mary's Boys National School, Maynooth, 6th Class, 19th March 2024

Eric the Bruno Reverse Card was in Euro Saver planning to save his friend William the Bon Bon.

William had been captured by an Ice Cream truck twelve Jaffa Cakes ago.

When Eric was a young Bruno Reverse Card, he was so busy eating Jaffa Cakes that he was almost run over by an ice cream truck. Ever since he was terrified when he heard that jingle.

He knew he needed help. First, he bought some Jaffa Cakes because he was hungry and needed fuel.

There he met an amazing clerk called John the Kid, also known as The Jaffa Man, and his pet sidekick called Professor Crabs.

“Hey, do you have anything Jaffa Cake related?” asked Eric.

“We’ve got a Jaffa Suit in the back?” said Professor Crabs.

William Bon Gone

“Hey, you’re a Jaffa Man, can you teach me how to become the best Jaffa Cake of all time, after you of course?”

“Ummmm… no,” replied John. “Actually, maybe on one condition… You buy me the new Carrot Phone 15 Pro Max.”

Eric didn’t have the money and needed to work around it. He decided to rob the local Carrot Shop with a table as his only weapon.

All of a sudden, everyone in the area began to do the Craig Brigade dance as their hands moved back and forth with a bit of boogie in their shoulders.

Eric’s card body shivered, and he channelled his inner Jaffa Cake.

He bolted with the Carrot Phone 15 Pro Max when he saw an ice cream truck following him.

He stopped cold when he heard the familiar jingle…