A Wannabe General’s Dream

A Wannabe General’s Dream

Fighting Words Monaghan, 10 February 2023, Creative Clusters Day – Group 1

Once upon in a land far away, war was hard, but waiting was tougher.

General Chuck was on his way to get a bag of chips in Waters in Castleblayney because his UberEATS driver had cancelled on him.

He spotted a poster about a competition with three prizes. The first prize was a trip to Cork, the second prize was a trip to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and the third prize was a night in the Glencairn Hotel and Leisure Centre.

General Chuck bought three raffle tickets, a bag of chips, a can of 7- Up and an ice cream.

Chuck went out for a game of football at Castleblayney football pitch with his right-hand man, Darwin. Every time that Darwin kicked the ball, he skyed it. He was nutmegging Chuck as well and then he started spraying Chuck with his water bottle.

Just then, it started to rain as well. Darwin laughed at Chuck.

“Let’s go into the dressing room and get dry,” he said. “I was only having the craic, Chuck. Do you like slushies?”

“No, I’m allergic to them,” Chuck responded.

“Really? What’s wrong with slushies? They’re so cool,” said Darwin.

“I’m finished with you,” said Chuck and he walked off.

Chuck heard his phone ringing and he answered it.

The voice on the other end said, “You’ve won the trip to Cork!”

“All right! This is my life’s dream!” Chuck cried.

“Gotcha!” said Darwin. It was him on the other end of the line.

Then Chuck’s alarm clock went off – it had all been a dream…