Toilet Explosions

Toilet Explosions

Fighting Words WicklowSt Laurence's NS, Roundwood, 1st and 2nd Class, 02 Feb 2024

Today, the toilet blew up. The Plumber blew up too. The dog almost got caught in the explosion!

Suddenly, a tree starts to walk. It was only the dog who noticed. Then, the dog saw an alien walk into the house.

‘Ah! An alien!’ said the dog. Then the tree started to talk.

‘I’m Billy Bob Joe, I’m a tree.’ Said the tree.

The dog was very frightened. The dog brought the alien into the back room.

The dog nearly got flushed down the toilet! The alien needed to do a number two, so they went into the bathroom.

The dog survived. The trees branches fell off and fell into the toilet, and the alien got flushed. But, they only got flushed into the back rooms…