Timmy the School Bus Racer

Timmy the School Bus Racer

Fighting Words, Dunboyne Senior Primary School, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, 6th Class, 13 September 2023

Timmy was falling from the sky, again. This happened every time he dreamt about gerbils. He landed in his Gran’s front garden.

Timmy woke up in his bed, sweating, “I’ll meet Cristiano Ronaldo today.”

He went downstairs and had a bowl of Rice Krispies with orange juice.

Jamal B, Timmy’s roommate came downstairs and said, “That looks tasty”.

“No, it’s disgusting,” said Timmy. Timmy went to school on the bus. It was the fastest school bus on the planet. It was Timmy’s dream to race school buses, like monster trucks.

At school, Mrs Chickeny, the teacher, asked the children to write an essay about their dream job. Timmy decided to write about his dream to be a school bus monster truck race driver.

Timmy the School Bus Racer

Timmy presented his work to the class, and everyone laughed at him.

“That’s weird.”

“Who wants to drive a school bus?”


“That’s never going to happen!”

Timmy became very depressed, and he thought, ‘They’re all dog water. I’m going to show them!’

When Timmy got home, there was a new car in the garage. It was a R34 Skyline GTR.

“This is good for practice, but I wanted a school bus,” said Timmy.

The next day, Jamal B painted the car bright yellow, and painted small children in the windows.

When Timmy took the car out for a practice spin, he crashed into a pole, because he was daydreaming about meeting Ronaldo…