Squishy Dumpling and the All-Ireland Final

Squishy Dumpling and the All-Ireland Final

Fighting Words Limerick, Christ the King National School Caherdavin, 5th & 6th Class, 25th May 2023

Squishy Dumpling woke up in a bright orange packet in the Centra in Woodview. He saw a few sausages beside him in dark blue boxes. One of them was called Samuel, who was a super sausage. Little did Squishy Dumpling know that Samuel would become his best friend.

A young chap walked in with a hurley. He placed his hurley on the floor to get an ice cream. Squishy Dumpling strained against the confines of his packaging. He burst out, raced toward the hurley to try and pick it up, taking the sausage with him. He scraped the hurley across the floor with Samuel helping him and they escaped from Centra.

“Thank you for helping me escape!” said Samuel.

“Don’t mention it,” replied Squishy Dumpling.

They ran toward the Gaelic Grounds. On the ground, Squishy Dumpling found a pair of magic golden goggles. He put them in his pocket.

They started playing Magic Sevens but Squishy Dumpling was playing really poorly.

Despite Samuel’s warnings that they might be dangerous, Squishy Dumpling put the goggles on as a last resort.

Suddenly, Squishy Dumpling’s body parts grew to monstrous sizes. He was now massive! Samuel bounced back in shock.

“What happened to you?” Samuel asked.

Squishy Dumpling walked over to Samuel menacingly and forced Samuel to use his powers to use ketchup and mustard…