The Snapped Pencil

The Snapped Pencil

Fighting Words Wicklow, St. Mary's Senior NS Blessington 4th Class 19 March 2024

One day, someone bought me in an office shop and I don’t know who yet, but I’m going to find out.

They brought me to the pencil case and there’s so much markers and rubbers there. They were using me and they dropped me on the floor, it’s scary down here.

The teacher came and picked me up and put me on the desk. The markers were mean, but then I realised I could read the rubber’s minds!

‘I’m the best rubber in the pencil case!’ Said Jim the rubber. He thought this because he looks the coolest. Someone had drawn a little dress on it.
Jimmy agrees.

Then the big red marker started a fight with me.

‘You’re really small!’ said the marker.

Then the Siri the pencil sharpener comes in and fights off the marker.

The pencil case comes to life.

‘Stop it, you two!’ they said.

Then all of a sudden, they hear a snap! It came from Jimmy the pencil.

And the teacher put him in the bin…