Slugzilla Battles Betty the Burger

Slugzilla Battles Betty the Burger

St. Patrick's National School, Glencullen, 4th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 23rd June 2022

One morning, Slugzilla woke up to get his coffee. On his way to McDonalds, he saw a skyscraper.

He was famished so he ate the skyscraper. There was a helicopter parked on top of the skyscraper. It was about to take off with the President in it.

Slugzilla hitched a ride on the helicopter with the President and plopped off at McDonalds.

He slimed in and noticed that the burgers were one cent dearer than they were the day before.

Slugzilla Battles Betty the Burger

He became angry and grew arms and before he squashed the building, he screamed, “You have ignited my wrath!”

-    Cue intense music –

He had to go Burger King which was beside KFC. Inside KFC, he saw his nemesis, Betty the Burger.

His best friend, Snailzilla, worked there and he wouldn’t serve Betty because that would be a betrayal.

Betty stormed out.

“Oh, it’s my enemy,” groaned Slugzilla.

“Ugh, not you,” sighed Betty.

They shot each other death glares as their eyes turned fully black.

Slugzilla Battles Betty the Burger

They fought… to the death.

-    Slow motion punches -

Slugzilla took his moment and bit a chunk out of Betty. She screamed in pain. Slugzilla could hear Snailzilla cheering him on from inside KFC.

Betty gazed back into KFC at her one true love, Snailzilla. She gave him a wink. When she drew her attention back to the fight, Slugzilla vanished into thin air right in front of her eyes.

To be continued…