The Shocking Deal

The Shocking Deal

Fighting Words Offaly, Scoil Bhride Primary School Edenderry, Offaly, 6th Class, 18th May 2023

One day when Eugene was younger he was bullied for being too skinny and weak. He figured he would have to do something quick so stop him from being bullied. When he was twelve he decided to buy a bulldog. He gave him the name Sam.

Sam was a buff bulldog and a few years later when Eugene was sixteen, he and Sam started working out together to become stronger.

The problem was that Eugene became obsessed with working out and wanted to become the world’s strongest body builder.

Eugene’s unfit Dad, called Jim, did not approve of this obsession for fear that he’d start taking steroids so Jim threatened to take Sam away.

One night Eugene and Jim got into a big argument. Eugene wanted to enter a body building championship.

‘I’ll make a deal with you, Eugene’, said Jim.

‘If you come first in the championship, I’ll have belief in you becoming a body builder but if you don’t, you’ll have to drop the weights and I’m taking Sam away.’

‘Deal’, said Eugene reluctantly and nervously. Sam couldn’t believe that Eugene would give up their friendship over a silly obsession.

Sam decided to leave the house that night because he was so angry with Eugene’s decision. The next day, Eugene realised that Sam had left but he was too determined to win the deal with his dad.

On the day of the competition, Eugene was on fire and he was doing really well.

He did well in the first round. In the second round, he got through easily. He felt very confident going into the final.

However, Eugene shivered when the announcer declared….