The Runaway

St Joseph's Co-Ed, East Wall 5th class, 16th February 2009
Macy Lee and Talulagh were best friends.  They lived in an orphanage.

One day they were playing football outside in the back yard of the orphanage. Macy Lee was crying beside the court.

Talulagh went over to Macy Lee and asked, “What’s the matter?  Why are you crying?” 

“I’m afraid I’ll never find my parents!” Macy Lee sobbed.

Talulagh said, “Listen, I’ve got a plan.  Let’s run away and find our parents!  Tonight.  At twelve o’clock, when everyone is sleeping!”

But Macy Lee was worried.  She was afraid her parents might not want her back.

The Runaway

“Come on, Macy Lee, they will want you.  Let’s go!”

Later that night, when everyone was fast asleep, the clock struck twelve.  The two girls gathered up their belongings and crept out of the orphanage.

They caught the first taxi they saw on the street, and headed straight to the Birth Cert office.  When the taximan asked for money, they just looked at each other and ran!  The taximan shouted after them but they kept running.

They found a place to sleep in the park across from the Birth Cert office.  While they were sleeping, a stranger came by and put a jacket across them because they looked cold.

The next morning when the Birth Cert office opened, Macy Lee and Talulagh went inside and asked the man behind the desk, “Can we see our birth certificates?”

The Runaway

“Sorry, girls, you’ll need an adult for that.”

“Pleeeeeease?” the girls begged. 

But the man just said, “No.”

The girls went back outside and found the jacket the stranger had put over them the night before.  “I know!” Talulagh said.  “You climb onto my shoulders and put the coat over us so we look tall! ...