The Quest for the Ancient Honey

The Quest for the ancient honey

St. Brendan's Boy's National School, Artane, 5th Class 30th November 2022

Once upon the time there was a teddy bear called Billy.

It was one cold winter night in a deep, deep forest, when he suddenly turned into an even bigger Teddy bear.

Then he decided to cook some spinach, but the spinach cried out, “Help me, don’t cook me!”

Billy the bear, shocked, replied, “I didn’t know you were alive!”

He really wanted to eat hot spinach because it was cold outside.


The Quest for the ancient honey

But Billy the bear forgot about the cold when Spinach Man started talking about the lost ancient honey.

Spinach Man told him that the President of the Teddy Bear World hid the honey in the deep deep forest from the Queen Bee.

They realized they were standing above the honey which was underground. Then he got very scared because he realized the Queen Bee was looking for the honey.

As Billy was really hungry, he got something to eat before looking for the honey.

The Quest for the ancient honey

They realised the honey wasn’t underneath them after all, so they went on a big adventure to find the honey.

They went all over the forest but it wasn’t easy to find. Billy the bear and Spinach Man tried and tried again and suddenly...they found a trail of honey! It led to a shovel to dig up the honey but the Queen Bee was already there digging the honey out!

So Billy and Spinach Man went back home to figure out a plan to get the honey from the Queen Bee...