Operation Porkchop

Operation Porkchop

No.1 Blessington School in Blessington Library, 6th Class, Fighting Words Wicklow, 10th November 2022

A long time ago in a stye far, far away, there lived a pig. Not just any pig, but a pig called Jonald.

Jonald had a besto named Ducky Wucky the Duck that he had known since they went to the Bacon Barn Playschool.

Little did they know that this was a school that would fatten them up before they were put on the bacon belt.

Just before his final day of school, he realised that he had supernatural abilities.

Operation Porkchop

“Guess what!” Jonald exclaimed. “Guess what, I have some news. I’ve turned into a super pig!”


“I was born next to radioactive, nuclear waste, and I accidentally ate the beans because I was famished.”

After Jonald ate the radiactive beans, he watched as his parents were taken away in a van called The Bacon Factory.

Jonald had vowed to infiltrate the factory and destroy it, after all, he had to bring down the evil Lieutenant Porkchop.

But first, he had to get past Jamal – Lieutenant Porkchop’s bodyguard.

Luckily, Ducky Wucky studied science at school. He built Jonald a fighter pig jet and a cool superhero suit, and nuclear apples.

Operation Porkchop

Jonald had faced all the obstacles to get to final hurdle in his plan.

As Jonald piloted the jet towards Lieutenant Porkchop’s fortress, he thought he saw his parents on the bacon belt.

He was so stunned that he forgot he was flying for a second. Suddenly, he crashed and it exploded.

Ducky Wucky made his grand exit as he jumped out of the plane with a parachute.

“Goodbye old friend,” chuckled Ducky Wucky…