The One Problem About High School

The One Problem About High School

Holy Child National School 4th and 5th Class 21st November 2022

Sakaura was screaming “PHOEBE” out in the hall: a dog had ran into the school and bit her.

Phoebe didn’t go out because she was deciding between apple juice and orange juice in the cafeteria.

She wanted apple juice but she was too shy to ask. So she signaled and acted out. She pointed at the apple juice.

The cafeteria lady thought she was pointing at the orange juice.

As she was about to give it to her, Sakaura walked in screaming because she was bleeding from the dog bite.

Sakaura was crying so Phoebe took her hand and ran her over to the water fountain. She whispered, “Come here, we have to wash that cut.”

She replied in tears, stuttering.

The One Problem About High School

They hurried to the fountain  and washed the cut out and then the bell rang and they had to hurry to class.

Towards the middle of the class Phoebe looked distracted. She was daydreaming about reading people’s minds because she wanted to know what to say to people to make new friends.

Phoebe’s notebook fell on the floor. Sakaura picked it up. She read that Phoebe wanted to read people’s mind.

After school Sakaura went home and mixed up a bunch of stuff to make a potion to read people’s minds. She called the potion “Cloudy Thoughts.”

The next day she took the potion and went to school. At baking class she cooked the potion into a blueberry chocolate cupcake.

Sakaura gave the cupcake to Phoebe and said: “Here eat this!”

Phoebe all of a sudden could hear her classmate Amy’s thoughts. Amy was thinking about her!

“Phoebe’s so annoying she burnt our cookies in class!’ ...