The Mysterious Grass Flavoured Bottle of Prime

The Mysterious Grass Flavoured Bottle of Prime

Fighting Words Wicklow, Scoil Mhuire Shankill, Dublin 4th Class, 14th September 2023

Once upon a time, there was a cow called Cow in the middle of a field. One day, a nuclear power plant exploded and disintegrated every piece of grass in the whole world. The cow was so lonely now that the grass was gone.

All the cow wanted in the world was a bottle of prime that was grass flavoured. He decides to go to India to find this. He gets to India, but he doesn’t have the right visa, so he has to go to Ohio instead.

Suddenly, Fishy in the Bank came to help Cow the cow with Shark and they brought him to New York. When they go to New York, they stand in the middle of the road and they almost get hit!

To make things worse, the fish and shark ran out of water which meant that they might die.

They decide to get a plane back to where they were but the plane crashed…