Mr. Daly and Toby

Mr. Daly and Toby

Dyslexia Association of Ireland
Balbriggan Workshop, 5th & 6th Class, 8 March 2023

Mr Daly was at home getting ready for the day. He was a 6th class teacher at the school down the road, Le Cheile in Drogheda. He was feeling a bit sick with anxiety – he had a very bad class.

On his way out, Mr Daly stroked his grumpy, fat, grey cat Toby.

“Bye,” said Mr Daly.

Toby hissed back at him.

Mr Daly got into his car. “Wow,” he said to himself. “You know what? I’m not going to go to school today. I’m going to have a nice, relaxing day.”

Mr Daly went to the airport and decided to go to Qatar to meet Messi. The Word Cup was on. Mr Daly thought that this would be the best day ever.

A call came in on his mobile. It was the principal. Mr Daly ignored the call.

At the airport, after he went through security, Mr Daly stocked up on giant packets of M&Ms, Haribo, a selection of Cadbury chocolate and an orange Toblerone.

The plane was delayed. The school principal kept calling but Mr Daly did not answer any of the calls or text messages.

Mr. Daly and Toby

The Germany v Japan match was on the TVs in the airport. Mr Daly ate his chocolate and watched the match. His flight was called before it was over and he was disappointed – he would not be able to see who won.

When he got to the gate, there was a 100-person line. Finally, he was on board. He put his seat belt on. The doors were locked.

The flight was actually going to New Jersey…