Marshall's Run Across Space

Marshall's Run Across Space

Sacred Heart National School, Aughrim, 3rd Class, Fighting WOrds Wicklow, 09 March 2023

Marshall Tob the Alien returned to space to run away from his evil twin, Johnny. He stopped for a minute to catch his breath and looked up to the strange space sky.

He thought the spaceship that sat above him looked cool, so he went to investigate.

He found a space bird called Timmy.

“Timmy, can you land your spaceship so I can see what’s in it?” asked Marshall.

Marshall's Run Across Space

When Timmy rockily landed the spaceship, Marshall went to look around.

He eventually found the control centre. He was surprised by this new and different control centre because his spaceship had nothing like this!

He left the control centre and suddenly bumped into his evil twin, Johnny. 

“What are you doing here!” screamed Johnny. “This is MY spaceship!”

Marshall immediately hopped out of the spaceship and ran to the other side of space!

He found an abandoned spaceship and used it to fly across the galaxy. He landed on an unknown planet where he found an empty base.

Marshall's Run Across Space

He went inside to look around when he came across a giant alien.

“Awww, you’re really cute,” said Marshall. “You could be my pet.”

Little did Marshall know, Johnny followed Marshall across the galaxy because he thought his brother was closer to finding the diamond that he was after.

Johnny found Marshall in the base and Marshall did his best to hide from this evil twin.

After a few hours, Johnny heard a beep coming from the control centre of Marshall’s spaceship. So, he ran over and kidnapped his brother!

On their way to Earth, Johnny crashed into a space rock…