Luna's Wild Adventure

Luna's Wild Adventure

Fighting Words Dublin, Scoil Chríost NS, Tallaght, 5th Class 18th June 2024

Luna the Cat was a stray cat walking to Tallaght from Cork.

She needed a new place to stay and she also heard there was great cat food in Maxi Zoo.

On her way, she stopped into Costa because she really wanted a mocha.

There she met Mocha the Cat who was a barista, or she liked to call herself a meowista.

“Hi, can I get a mocha coffee please,” asked Luna. “And some chicken on the side!”

“Yes of course,” Mocha replied.

They both chatted to one another as Mocha made the mocha. By the end of Mocha’s shift, she offered to drop Luna home.

Luna's Wild Adventure

“But I’m a stray…”

“I’m stray too,” said Mocha. “I live in a box in Tymon Park. Would you like to come over to stay?”


They walked past Apple Green, Smyths, a house with barking dogs.

“They’re rich and have loads of money…” said Mocha.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Luna as she pounced forward.

She was hoping to get away from the rich house but she accidentally pounced right in front of it and through the front door.

It slammed shut behind her…