The Love Ducks

The Love Ducks

Fighting Words Clare, Scoil Chríost Rí National School, Ennis, Co. Clare, 3rd Class, 26 May 2023

Victoria was at the River Fergus swimming.  She was feeling happy because it was raining and ducks love to be wet.  Victoria was with her owner Harry. 

Victoria was happily swimming along when she saw a dog.  She felt very frightened because dogs bark really loudly.

Victoria flew away because of the dog.  She flew to Dunnes where she got a bottle of Ice-Pop Prime.  Afterwards, she was full of energy so she flew to Bunratty Castle.  When she landed at Bunratt, Victoria saw a whole load of ducks. 

“How are you?” she said to one of the ducks. 

The duck didn’t answer. 

“Answer me!  How are you?”

Still no answer.

Victoria felt frustrated, sad and rejected.  She did not know they were plastic ducks.

She said, “You are very rude!”

Victoria went to another duck.  This duck was a real duck.

She said, “Hello,  How are you?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” he continued. “I haven’t seen you before.  What’s the QUACK?

“I’m from Ennis.  What about you?” she said.

“I was born in Ohio but I grew up in Cork,” the duck replied. 

“What’s your name?” Victoria said.


Victoria replied, “My name is Victoria.”

The Love Ducks

They decided to go to Limerick to have a fly around.  They saw the hospital, the Crescent Shopping Centre, Burger King and Smyths.

“I am starving,” said Anthony.

“Maybe we should go to Dan O’Connell’s in Ennis, said Victoria. “I heard the pancakes are really good!”

Anthony said, “Sure, Let’s go.” 

Off they flew to back to Ennis. Across from Dan O’Connell’s lived a dog, he was a French bulldog called Killian.

When Victoria and Anthony landed they saw Killian and they were really scared. Anthony wanted to protect Victoria but she wanted to face her fear herself.

“Hi….” said Victoria shivering with fear.

Killian’s tail was wagging like crazy with excitement.  He went over to Victoria and sniffed her feet. Victoria thought she was going to faint. 

“It’s okay,” said Killian. “I won’t hurt you.”

Anthony said, “Paws off my girl!”

Victoria got a shock but she was very happy on the inside.  She went over to Anthony and gave him a hug.  Killian joined in the hug and they all went inside and had pancakes. 

Afterwards the three friends wanted to go back to the River Fergus but they got on the wrong bus…