Louie the Sausage Dog and his Friend Snowflake

Louie the Sausage Dog and his Friend Snowflake

Presentation Primary School Terenure, Senior Infants, 16th January 2023

Once upon a time there was a long haired sausage dog named Louie. He wished that he could fly.

His best friend was a butterfly who can fly. One day his wish came true.

He went outside and he wished really hard.

“I wish that I can fly forever,” he said really loudly to the sky looking up.

He wished and wished and it came true! A special angel in the sky magically appeared. She said: “You have been really kind to your friend Snowflake the butterfly so this is my gift for you.”

He went to tell his friend Snowflake the butterfly.

Louie the Sausage Dog and his Friend Snowflake

Snowflake the butterfly was in the garden flying around. He tried and tried to get off the ground and all of a sudden, he could!

He said: “Yes, I can fly!”

Snowflake the butterfly couldn’t believe that this was happening.

“How did you get to fly?” asked Snowflake.

Then Louie said:

“Yes the angel came to me and said ‘you are being so nice to your friend so this is your present’.”

Then an enormous cloud came and made a shadow of Louie on the ground. “Ahhhhh HELP!!! I’m afraid of shadows.”

Snowflake said: “It’s your shadow, don’t be scared.”

Then he learned to not be afraid of his shadow and not to be complaining about what he had.

The End.