The Lost Squirrel

The Lost Squirrel

Fighting Words Dublin, St Joseph’s CBS Sunday’s Gate, Drogheda 3rd Class 17 June 2024


Fred the Fox was at home in the Boyne Valley eating lunch. He was eating pizza and drinking Gatorade. After lunch, Fred wanted to play video games, but his console was broken. He was very sad.

Fred had an idea. He went outside to look for his friend, Timmy the Red Squirrel. Fred climbed up the tree and found Timmy playing his console in his tree house. Fred was very jealous.

“Hi Timmy,” said Fred. “Can I borrow your console? Mine is broken!”

“No!” said Timmy. He didn’t even look up from his screen.

“Will you come with me to buy a new console?” said Fred.

“No, I am too busy,” said Timmy.

Fred decided to ask his other friend, Brocco the Badger, to help him. Brocco lived in the forest next to DIFE College, where lots of animals lived. Fred got to Brocco’s house he wasn’t home. He had on holidays to Spain.

He decided to go to Townley Hall to find Henry the Hedgehog.

Meanwhile, Timmy the Red Squirrel had been following Fred, but he got lost in the forest.

He was surrounded by five foxes and he was very scared…