Little Joey and the Big Showdown

Little Joey and the Big Showdown

Fighting Words Dublin, O’Connell’s Primary School, North Richmond Street, Dublin 1, 2nd Class, 19th June 2024

Little Joey was a boy who never left his phone. He was up playing video games in the middle of the night, pretending to be asleep. He fell asleep and when he woke up, he was in a boxing match with The Stone. The Stone took his phone and Joey had to beat him in a match to get his phone back. He woke up and it was actually all a dream.

Joey’s best friend, Timmy the Dinosaur came over to his house and Joey told him about what happened in the dream. Timmy the Dinosaur thought that the dream really happened, that the Stone really stole his phone!

The Stone was actually Timmy’s dad. Joey’s Mom broke down the door into Joey’s room like the FBI and took his phone for 10 million years. His mom was John Kena.

Joey and Timmy went into Joey’s mom’s room to try to find the phone but they couldn’t. Then, Joey screamed at his mom. She ignored him. Out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted a log to break the door, so he broke down the door like the FBI.

Then, his mom called Timmy the Dinosaur to get the phone but she had lost it!

The phone was under the bed, so Joey threw the log at the bed. He got the phone, put it in the back of a Tesla, and drove away! He crashed the Tesla! Then he saw the Stone, his dad, and ran away. Then he saw his greatest wish: a dragon, locked in a cage!