Little Jimmy and Big Mighty


Fighting Words Dublin, St. Vincent’s BNS, 1st Class, 24th June 2024

Mighty the lizard went to the bus stop. He went on the bus and when he got off the bus he got powers. The bus was radioactive. His best friend Jimmy was on the bus with him and turned into a wall because the bus was radioactive. When they got off the bus, Mighty and Jimmy saw a villain. There was butter on the floor and Mighty fell on Jimmy. He was scared! Mighty’s cousins went to the park and they slipped on a pie and fell into water. They met a new friend and he was a crocodile. Jimmy couldn’t go to the toilet because he was a wall. Mighty’s cousins ate lots of Takis and couldn’t go to the toilet because they don’t have one. When they ate Takis they turned into a fire pit. Jimmy can now walk through walls. Mighty now has two sidekicks Jimmy and Crocodile.

Jimmy had a wife and she did not know that he can walk through walls. Jimmy didn’t tell his wife about anything. Jimmy has a new power, he can teleport. Jimmy did not have a nose. Jimmy had no legs. Jimmy’s wife found out so she brought him to the hospital. Jimmy and the Crocodile both had so many superpowers and neither of their wives knew. Jimmy could not die. Jimmy was okay in the hospital. He spent ten days in the hospital.


When Jimmy got out of the hospital he had no legs. He wanted to play wheelchair football. The Takis also got out of the hospital and were less spicy. At first, Jimmy found wheelchair football hard but then he practiced and got very good.

He had a big match and he won! The score was 2-1. Jimmy healed and got out of the wheelchair.

Jimmy plugged his phone into the socket. Mighty, Crocodile, and Jimmy all had superpowers and were invincible. When Jimmy plugged his phone into the socket he got powers and then his legs started to grow back so he was able to play real football.