Jimmy the Wannabe Rapper

Jimmy the Wannabe Rapper

St. Anne's Loreto Primary School, Navan, 5th Class 14th November 2022

“Oh Lexa, am I ever going to be a rapper?” said Jimmy the editor to his best friend, his robotic computer. With a high pitched voice Lexa replied:

“I will search that for you...I can’t find that.”

Jimmy replied sarcastically: “That’s not really smart Lexa, I can do it myself.”

After that, Jimmy searched online for: “How to be a rapper?” and listened to songs and started getting stuff for his music studio. He got inspired by all the music, he listened to all of it, until Jimmy’s boss walked in and barked at him:

“Get back to work!!!” slamming his work on his desk. “You will never make it as a rapper!”

Jimmy the Wannabe Rapper

Then Jimmy got very angry at him and started getting angry and cranky at his workers. His workers realized that something was wrong because he was never normally cranky.

Lexa heard all this and said to Jimmy:

“It’s alright, forget all about it.”

Then Jimmy said to Lexa:

“Thank you, you are really a good best friend.”

Lexa replied:

“Sorry, could not find best friend in your contacts.” DUN DUN DUN ...