Jimbobalina and the Young One

Jimbobalina and the Young One

Assumption Girls National School, Walkinstown, 6th Class, 15th January 2009
Charlotte is the cheeky young one. Jimbobalina is the scary giraffe.She goes on holiday and gets lost.  She meets the giraffe who starts talking to her. At first the giraffe is scary.

Charlotte didn’t want to go on holidays.  She wanted to go to Spain not Jamaica.
Her family went to the airport. Her parents gave her a sleeping tablet. When she woke up she was in the plane in Jamaica.

Charlotte didn’t realise she was in Jamaica.  She thought she was still in Dublin.
“Ma can I go to the toilet” says Charlotte. 
“OK, but hurry back” her mother says. 

When she goes to the toilet she gets lost.  She’s lost her mobile phone and can’t ring her mother.

Jimbobalina and the Young One

She’s wandering around and she asks for help but she can’t understand the accent.
She goes through a staff door and gets out of the airport.

She gets into a taxi outside the airport. “Please bring me to the city centre” she says.
On the way she says “You’re going the wrong way” and jumps out of the taxi.

She runs into the jungle and hides behind a tree trunk. She leans against the tree trunk and it moves...