Jeremy’s Search for Freedom

Jeremy’s Search for Freedom

Fighting Words Offaly, St Mary’s Primary School Edenderry, Offaly, 6th Class, 12th February 2024

Once upon a time, Jeremy the monkey was captured in the Amazon jungle. He was trapped by a famous explorer called Smelly Susan whose disgusting smell had knocked him out so she was able to catch him easily.

He was brought to auction and was sold to the owner of Dublin Zoo. On the cargo ship, he met a warthog pig called John Pork who had also been stolen by the zookeeper. Jeremy and John Pork became best friends on the journey.

Jeremy started talking about a plan to escape.

“How can we get out of here, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a zoo,” said Jeremy the Monkey in a high toned voice, almost as if he was screaming.

Jeremy’s Search for Freedom

John Pork replied, “I really want to go to the zoo, I heard it was great fun. They have lots of nice food there and you

don’t have to hunt for it.”

Jeremy explained in a sad voice, “When I was a baby, my parents were taken away to a zoo and I never got to see

them again. And anyway, I’m pretty good at hunting.”

The ship docked and two different zookeepers boarded. One zookeeper, Stinky Steve said, “Which animal is going where?” The Dublin zookeeper, Big Bad Barry said, “I bought the monkey. He’s coming to Dublin Zoo with me.”

The men started arguing and Stinky Steve pushed Big Bad Barry against Jeremy’s cage. Jeremy was then able to snatch the keys from Big Bad Barry’s

pocket and …