Jamez, Larry and Barry

Jamez, Larry and Barry

St Patrick’s National School Edenderry, Offaly, 5th Class, Fighting Words Offaly, 11th January 2023

Barry the unicorn lives a very cool life.

He woke up in his cave and remembered that he had a really good dream about him playing with Unicorn F.C. He lived in the grand forest of mysterious wildlife. He got ready for football training.

Just then his mam came in with celery sticks which were his favourite food. He bit into them but they were rotten. He spit them out on the ground making a paaaaaugh sound.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!!!” asked Barry.

“Sorry there love, I forgot to check the date” said Barry’s mum.

Barry stormed off with no breakfast.

He realised that football training was starting in two minutes and he was going to be late.

Longford Larry was passing by in his Bugatti and Barry asked him for a lift.

Longford Larry was a scout for Unicorn F.C. but Barry didn’t know that.

Jamez, Larry and Barry

Longford Larry dropped Barry at training and stayed on the side-lines to watch him play. The ball was passed to Barry and from the halfway line he scores a magnificent bicycle kick goal. Barry did a backwards knee slide. Everybody clapped and someone shouted, “We love you Barry!”

At half time, Longford Larry asked Barry if he would like to join Unicorn F.C. Barry was delighted. “If you join the club and win the mysterious forest league, I will give you 600 million unicoins,” said Larry.

After the match, Longford Larry said he would give Barry a lift home, but drove in the opposite direction…