Jamal and his Fear Of Spiders

Jamal and his Fear Of Spiders

St Mary’s Primary School, Edenderry, Offaly, 4th Class, Fighting Words Offaly 10th November 2022

One day Jamal made a funny joke and made everyone in his class laugh. It made him feel very proud of himself. It made him feel so good that when the teacher left the class he jumped on the table and started dancing.

When the teacher came in and saw him dancing on the table, she sent him to the principal’s office, and he was sent home.

When he got home, he got into more trouble when he put a whoopie cushion under his mum’s pillow. His mum sent him to his room. Then a parrot flew in  through his window!!!!

He looked at a poster that he had in his room about the local circus which was called The FiFi circus. He decided to name the parrot after the circus. Fifi the parrot didn’t know Jamal and he got anxious so started screaming.

Then his mum came barging into his room and Jamal hid Fifi under his bed, but Fifi started singing. His mum asked, “What’s that noise”. Jamal said “Fine, I’ll show you” in annoyed voice.

When Jamal took Fifi from under the bed…there was a SPIDER on her. Then the spider crawled up on his arm and Jamal started screaming when he saw the spider because spiders were his GREATEST FEAR.

He shook the spider off his arm, but the spider crawled back under his bed.

His mum said to let the parrot go free but when she left the room Jamal didn’t let Fifi go, and they started talking.

Jamal and his Fear Of Spiders

Then his friend rang him and told him there was a circus on next week and that they should go to it and bring his parrot. Jamal was still grounded but he snuck out and went to try and join the circus with Fifi.

Suddenly he saw his mum walking in with her friends. He tried to hide behind the popcorn machine. He burnt himself because it was so hot. He started screaming and his mum heard him.

She saw him with the parrot and said, “I told you to let it go free”. He was then in bigger trouble and his mum grabbed him and shouted at him and said he was supposed to be grounded. He went home hiding Fifi in his pocket.

The next day he went back to school and acted silly again, putting a whoopie cushion on the teacher’s chair. Then the teacher came in with a new pupil and introduced him to the class. After little break there was PE and Jamal made fun of the new boy because he couldn’t kick the ball high enough.

As it happened the principal had a pet spider and it crept onto the grass. Everyone was laughing because Jamal was so scared. It crawled up his arm and bit him. Unfortunately. the spider was poisonous, and he had to go to the hospital. Everyone that was laughing were now in complete shock except the new kid who was actually Jamals cousin.

Jamals mum came to the school and asked the principal “where is my son”. The principal said, “my spider accidently bit him, and he had to go to the hospital”. Luckily when he got to the hospital, they were able to take out the poison.

Jamal felt great but suddenly he spotted that there was another spider on the window, and he passed out….