Hairy Potter and the Terrifying Zombies

Hairy Potter and the Terrifying Zombies

Fighting Words Limerick, Summer Stars Workshop, Watch House Cross Library, 9th July 2024

Once upon a long long time ago, it was a stormy night. There was a rabbit called Hairy Potter. Hairy was called that because he had a hairy tail. He was white, long ears, and had a scar on his forehead in the shape of a star., He wore a black and white coat and big round glasses but just for fashion.

He was going to see his favourite musician, Taylor Swift, with his best friend Padraig. Padraig was a vampire!

On the way to the concert, they went to get ice-cream.

 ‘What flavour ice-cream do you want?’ asked Padraig.

‘Mint chocolate chip with red sauce’ answered Hairy.

After they ate the ice cream they got into a long serious discussion about blue cheese. They had studied cheese in college and were cheese scientists. They bought some cheese to have in the queue on the way to Taylor Swift.

The person who sold them the cheese was actually a zombie, because Hairy noticed the cheesemonger was drooling and kept saying ‘brains’.

Hairy had seen a scary film with zombies in it and got so scared he went up to his room, and ever since he was scared of zombies.

The cheesemonger zombie tried to slowly chased them. Padraig the vampire threw his shoe at the zombie's head and it knocks him out.

‘Good job Padraig!’ said Hairy. ‘Thanks for saving us!’

Padraig picks up his shoe and then picks up Hairy and Padraig flys them to the concert.

But as soon as they wake up the zombie wakes up…