Grumpy Granny

Grumpy Granny

St Columba's Glasnevin, 3rd Class, 21st January 2009
Once there was a little old Granny called Grumpy Two Shoes. She was the grumpiest granny in the whole wide world. Her biggest ambition in life was to get rid of all the children. The thing she feared most over anything else, was looking at herself in the mirror!

Grumpy Two Shoes had a best friend, her husband. His name was Grumpy Steve. They lived together in a small country cottage where Grumpy Two Shoes washed the dishes, cleaned the floor and all of the housework.

She wasn’t happy doing this and to make matters worse, kids were playing pranks on her. They cut off her water and when she went upstairs, they broke all of her dishes! These children let three bears into Grumpy Two Shoes house.
They ran into the kitchen, smashed all the plates and ate all of her honey. Grumpy Steve chases the bears out of the house by pointing Grumpy Two Shoes ugly face at them. The three bears are horrified.

“Don’t you go putting my face in front of those bears, it’s too beautiful,” said Grumpy Two Shoes. Grumpy Two Shoes walked over to the mirror and let out a scream when she seen her reflection.

Grumpy Two Shoes decided to kick Grumpy Steve out of the house. Grumpy Steve became very frustrated. Grumpy Two Shoes thought about what pranks she could pull on the children. She decided to tie a net in the tree outside to catch them all. However, she made a mistake and ended up in the net herself! When the children came along they laughed at her. They let go of the rope and Grumpy Two Shoes fell to the ground.

Grumpy Granny

Grumpy Two Shoes got up and dusted herself off.
Grumpy Steve told her, “You keep getting beat, you should find somebody to team up with.”

“I can if I want to, I can do whatever I like” replied Grumpy Steve.

Grumpy Two Shoes replied “ Maybe I will.”
Grumpy Two Shoes went in search of help. She knocked on all the doors in the village looking for other Grannies.
Grumpy Two Shoes found Nasty Niamh, Teresa, Granny Grumpy, Rosie, and she even got a Grandad to join her team.

“Let’s go round up all the kids” they shouted...