The Golf Cart

The Golf Cart

Fighting Words, St. Canice's Boys National School, 6th Class, 11th September 2023

Bob the dinosaur was outside Lidl in Finglas. He was feeling depressed. He wanted a Lamborghini, but he didn’t have enough money.

Bob decided to rob a bank with his friend, John. He got into his golf cart and went to the Charlestown shopping centre to pick him up.

He met John in Scrumdiddly’s, having an ice cream.

“What’s up?” said John, in between bites of his chocolate fudge ice cream.

“I just realised we have no money,” said Bob.

The Golf Cart

“So what are we going to do?” said John.

“Get in my whip, we’re going to rob a bank,” whispered Bob.

“Bet,” nodded John.

“Okay, get into the car, mandem, we’ll make a plan in the car,” said Bob.

So, Bob and John decided to rob a bank in New York, because New York had more money than Dublin.

When they got to New York, they bought scary looking water guns.

Little did they know, New York was full of pigs, and pigs were Bob’s worst fear…